Russia Deposits

Bank Rate
Rosbank 1 Year Fixed Term Deposit

Rate is applicable for 12 months and requires greater than by 4000000 Rubles without capitalization of interest adjusted.

Also please note BSGV is now Rosbank.

1 year
Oct 2017
VTB 1 Year Term Deposit

The interest rate requires the minimum deposit amount of 10 000 000 RUB and is for a fixed term between 6 months to 1 year and 1 month with capitalization (annual interest rate) . Under the "�ВТБ24 � Срочные вклады (Time deposits)  product - Вклады, открываемые дистанционно . Without capilisation (first column) 

1 year
Oct 2016
Citibank Russia 1 Year Time Deposit

Rate is for a time deposit for 367 days for 1500000 and above

1 Year
Oct 2017
Sberbank 3 Month Term Deposit

The interest rate for a fixed 3 month term (range 3 <6 months) for the product 'Ставки по вкладу �Cохраняй�' requires a deposit balance greater than 2000000 RUB without capitalization. 

3 month
Oct 2017


  • Q: What's the conditions for open an account in your bank? If I put money in roubles, have I 10.75 % Interest?

    Reply Stefan from Winkel, Switzerland
  • Q: 1)I am a Malaysian, is there any restriction for foreigner to place money in the fixed deposit? 2)Any tax to be paid? 3)Can we buy forward to convert RUB to RM( Malaysian currency)? 4)Any problem to refer fund back to Malaysia upon maturity??

    Reply Tan from Shuen Wan, Hong Kong